Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Giveaway: iGo Charge Anywhere

I like to think that I'm not very techie. I really like gadgets though, and am realizing that I'm really just a closeted techie. I love my iPhone, and have had one since they first came out (I also had a T-Mobile Sidekick that I personally bedazzled and before that a beeper that was actually a recorder). The one thing that I do not like about it is it's short battery life (especially when using the 3G network). So when I attended the SVMom's New York City Mom's Blog Symposium event at Tribeca Cinemas and was given an iGO Charge Anywhere- many of my techie prayers were answered.



The iGO Charge Anywhere is fantastic. iGo is a company that specializes in: "Go Green Technology™ automatically reduces standby power by up to 85%, conserving resources and saving money". The Charge Anywhere, when plugged into the wall and attached to your device, actually charges itself as well as charging the device. Remove it from the wall, and you can throw it into your purse and truly, charge anywhere. It saved me on my flight to Utah this past weekend when I attended the Evo Conference. My flight was cancelled and while waiting for the next one, I quickly ran out of battery in my iPhone. The iGo saved me on the flight so that I could let my family know that I arrived safely in Utah- much longer after they expected to hear from me. I'm also a frequent Tweeter, so during the conference itself I was really happy to have the charger when I wasn't near an outlet. There are countless reasons why this charger is so handy!

Features & Benefits:
Works as a wall charger to charge almost any device while simultaneously charging its integrated battery for device charging away from a wall outlet
Two USB outputs for simultaneous device charging
Includes iGo USB charging cable for even lighter travel
Small and lightweight - fits in your pocket
Includes foldable wall blades that easily store away
Works with multiple devices, including mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets, smartphones/PDAs, MP3
players, portable gaming devices, digital cameras, GPS devices and more
No need to buy a new charger when upgrading your devices; compatible with the latest models
Works worldwide; no need for a voltage converter when traveling


I'm thrilled tell you that I have one of these chargers to give to one of my readers. To Enter:

Leave a comment on this post telling me about a time that you lost battery power in your cell phone when you really wish it wouldn't have (we've all been there!), OR tell me a situation where you think an iGO would come in handy.

For more entries you can follow me on Twitter, "Like" Momma's Gone City on Facebook, and (if you really want to) subscribe to either Momma's Gone City or Momma's Gone City Reviews. You may also do the same for iGo- on Twitter and Facebook. FOR EACH ACTION YOU MUST LEAVE A COMMENT ON THIS POST. You may tweet about this giveaway once per day on Twitter, linking both @mommasgonecity, @iGo_inc, and a link to this post (http://tinyurl.com/396fvyb) in the tweet.

One winner will be chosen randomly using Random.org on Wednesday, July 7th at midnight. GOOD LUCK!!


Random.org chose #3, Kristiina! Congratulations! Please send me your info ASAP!

Thank you to all that entered, told stories, and subscribed :)

Review: Joovy Caboose Ultralight


I have an obsession with strollers.  Since moving to New York City, that obsession has increased tenfold because it is our primary mode of transportation.  We need something to get our two toddlers around the city, on the busses and subways and to and from parks comfortably and easily.


When I received the Joovy Caboose Ultralight to review, I was really excited.  It folds up compactly, holds two children comfortably, and has big wheels that make pushing and steering fairly easy.  There is a large storage area in the bottom of the stroller that is large enough to hold a diaper bag and a few other little things.

Weighing 21 lbs, the Joovy Caboose Ultralight is pretty easy to carry and fold.  It comes with an infant carseat adaptor, removable snack tray, and parent organizer (which holds water and cell phone perfectly).  There are double wheel brakes and four wheel suspension, was easy to push with at least 55 lbs worth of children in it, and narrow enough to get through narrow city grocery aisles.

The front seat has three reclining positions, there is a seat in back for one child to sit, and a platform for another child to stand. I've seen this stroller frequently around the city holding anywhere from one to three children at a time, including lots of cargo.  Overall a smooth, comfortable ride that I would primarily use for shorter trips around the city.  Both of my children tend to sleep in the stroller if we are out for over three or four hours, so it wouldn't be the best option if we were walking from, say, Central Park to our house in Murray Hill.  It's a great, easy, city option for strollers and we'll use it frequently.



You can also find Joovy on Facebook,  they are very interactive and parent friendly! I love the way they immerse themselves in the community... very important when you're dealing with children products.

Disclosure: I received a Joovy Ultralight Caboose to review for Momma's Gone City.

Chicco: Fashion in Focus

A little while ago, I was invited to check out Chicco’s new products and styles at their “Fashion in Focus” event. Being that I have a background in fashion and marketing, I really loved seeing the beautiful patterns and vibrant colors that Chicco has to offer.

Being an Italian company, you can really see the care and effort that goes into their two toned, cross woven fabrics. Easy to clean, vibrant and really beautiful, Chicco definitely sets itself apart from other strollers and accessories with its fabric. One of the things that I look for when searching for baby gear is it’s designs and look.  I don’t want something that is pastel or gender specific, and cleaning ability is a must (think spit up, crumb stains and milk droplets all over the seats and handles).

The Liteway Stroller 


By now you all know of my stroller obsession. The Liteway Stroller by Chicco was definitely a good surprise.

Weighing 17 lbs, it has a built in carry handle and removable canopy. It fully reclines and comes with a boot to cover the baby’s feet for a cozy ride.

My favorite part: The storage basket actually turns into a backpack.

Birth-40lbs, SRP $129.99

Keyfit Strada Booster


For ages 4-10 years old (33-100 lbs) AAA height and weight requirements have changed, so check your state’s new regulations!

Fabric cover is removable and machine washable

“EPS” Energy Absorbing Foam provides impact protection and comfort. Side wings and triple side protection: head, shoulders and lumbar.

SRP: $179.99

360 Rotating Hook On Chair


This was one of my favorites. You know that I live in Manhattan and have a small apartment, so this particular product is perfect for us, or for picnic table lunches out at a park (for example).

The seat fully rotates, so the baby can be sitting facing wherever you are sitting.

Serving tray snaps on and is dishwasher safe.

Folds for easy travel and storage (comes with a carry bag).

For ages 6-36 months, up to 37 lbs

SRP $69.00

I was generally impressed with Chicco's products, they seemed high quality and very well thought out. As a mom, I look for those little things that make the every day tasks that much easier, and it seems that Chicco had that in mind when researching their designs.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Corolle Doll and Stroller GIVEAWAY for BOYS!


Before birdie was born, when Bubba was about 17 months old, we bought him his first baby doll. I wanted to introduce him to the idea of babies, and bought a little bottle to go with it. This particular doll was Corolle Calin, and came in blue pajamas and had a little pacifier to go with it. He smelled yummy and Bubba particularly like the fact that he could put in and take out Calin's pacifier- since Bubba was still pretty hooked on his own pacifier.

We've been hooked on Corolle ever since. I wasn't going to be a gender specific parent that only bought their boys baseballs and dinosaurs and only pink princess-y things for their daughters. Bubba has always enjoyed playing with dolls, and Birdie likes to play with baseballs and race cars, albeit tucking them into her baby doll crib.


We had an impossible time finding a stroller for him to push his baby around in that was more neutral colored. So, you can imagine how excited I was when Corolle contacted me with the opportunity to offer a giveaway of their new blue/green stroller and blue Suce Pouce blue baby doll. Their campaign "Boys playing with dolls" focuses on encouraging more nurturing and compassionate play in boys so that they will grow up to be understanding adults.

SO! In honor of Father's Day, one of my readers will win one of each of the following Corolle items:

Blue/Green umbrella stroller for ages 3+

Blue Suce-Pouce baby doll in blue for ages 2+


Head on over to the Corolle website and leave a comment stating your favorite Corolle doll or product. Do you have a story involving boys and dolls?


Follow @Corolle and/or @MommasGoneCity on Twitter and leave a comment(s) stating that you did so.

On Facebook, "LIKE" the Corolle Dolls and/or Momma's Gone City pages and leave a comment(s) stating that you did so.

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You can TWEET about this contest using the following phrase once per day, and leave a comment stating that you did so. " I've entered to win a @CorolleDolls BOY doll and stroller set from @MommasGoneCity! #Giveaway ends 6/30 http://tiny.cc/k6lsj "

The winner will be chosen randomly at midnight, Wednesday June 30th.


The winner, chosen randomly, is #23 ANDREA! Congratulations! Email me your address and info as soon as possible, please!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Corolle Doll and Carriage GIVEAWAY!

Bubba's first doll was a Corolle Calin doll.  They are the softest, sweetest, most beautiful dolls- and they even smell wonderful.  Ever since we bought Bubba "Colin" as he calls him, we've been hooked on the brand.  We now have four Corolle dolls in our home, and surely many more to come.

Corolle is one of the leading doll/toy manufacturers from France.  Their commitment to quality and safety standards is evident, as all of our dolls look, smell and feel like new (even after three years. I'm not kidding!). 

I'm am so thrilled to be able to offer one of their gorgeous Red/Fushia Carriages and one Bebe Charmeur doll to one of my Momma's Gone City readers.

The Carriage is lightweight, is easy to push, soft and vibrant. It features a lift-out baby carrier and fits up to a 17-inch baby doll.


Bebe Charmeur is an adorable soft-bodied baby doll, dressed in a pink striped pajamas with matching bonnet and white lace-up bootees, can sit up and comes complete with pacifier, bib and baby bottle.  Even though she is made for ages 2+, the weight and size seem just right for our little Birdie (20 months).  The carriage suits her well too- as you can see!



Enter to Win:

Head on over to the Corolle website and leave a comment stating your favorite Corolle doll or product.


Follow @Corolle and/or @MommasGoneCity on Twitter and leave a comment(s) stating that you did so.

On Facebook, "LIKE" the Corolle Dolls and/or Momma's Gone City pages and leave a comment(s) stating that you did so.

I'd love it if you would subscribe to the RSS feed of either or both of Momma's Gone City's sites (and leave a comment that you did so). I really just want you to subscribe if you like what you see! (Extra entry, of course)

You can TWEET about this contest using the following phrase once per day, and leave a comment stating that you did so. " I've entered to win a @CorolleDolls Bebe Charmauer and carriageset from @MommasGoneCity! #Giveaway ends 6/21 http://tiny.cc/yfq8d "

The winner will be chosen randomly at midnight, June 21st.

Good luck!


Random.org chose #100 - CONGRATULATIONS, ABRA of Better Than Cupcakes!!

Thank you to all that entered, followed, tweeted - I wish I had one for each of you lovelies. Really.

Abra- please send me your address/contact info ASAP! xo

Friday, June 4, 2010

Trapeze and TD Bank


I've been invited to do a lot of really neat things lately. I think this one makes the top three though- if not the COOLEST. TRAPEZE! This is one of those things that I probably would have never considered doing-just because I wouldn't have thought of it. Turns out there is a Trapeze school right across town from where we live! That's NYC for you.

I didn't think I would be scared until I started climbing the ladder, and then when I actually go to the platform above- I was really nervous. I don't do well with heights. When I finally jumped though, it was really exhilarating and I loved it. I can't wait to go back and maybe take a lesson or two.

TD Bank invited us to learn the trapeze as a part of their
TD Bank's "Checking Worth Flipping For" Campaign


Open a checking account and get a Flip UltraTM camcorder, plus a whole lot more:
A Visa® Debit Card – Get it on the spot
Use any ATM – No withdrawal fee from us
Online Banking – with FREE Bill Pay

How can you get your Flip Ultra?
Use your Visa Debit Card for 8 purchases; and
Make 2 payments with Online Bill Pay within 45 days of account opening
Find out more about qualifying transactions and payments

I'm actually looking to switch banks anyway, so this was really helpful to me (moving bank accounts across country is NO fun). There is even a phone number on the back of the debit card that sends you to a PERSON every time.

If you're interested in seeing how the trapeze actually went, here is a video:

Sandlot Sluggers, ATARI Event

Our family with the fantastic Beth Feldman

A couple of weeks ago, the family and I were invited to a really fun event at the Atari Headquarters for the launch of Backyard Sports Sandlot Sluggers. They had decorated the office like a baseball game, complete with hot dog and popcorn stands, pinatas, and plenty of areas where the game could be tested on various systems. We have a Wii, so my husband was really happy to take the 2 hours out of his busy schedule with dental school to play some baseball.

It looks a great game, really colorful and easy to play. Geared for the 6-12 age group. Or my husband. ;) Bubba's eyes were as wide as saucers watching daddy play this fancy video game. I'm sure we would have a mini gamer on our hands if we let him.

I for one, happen to know absolutely nothing about video games, so here is a little blurb on the game itself: Backyard Sports™ is back with the all new Sandlot Sluggers™, an action-packed, arcade-style baseball game featuring super charged Power-Ups, new interactive fields, mini-games and more that will keep you on your feet with non-stop fun and excitement. Available in Nintendo DS, Wii, XBOX 360 and XBOX LIVE

Birdie just wanted to eat popcorn

It was so much fun to be in that atmosphere- I miss baseball games SO much! Some more pictures from the event:
More check-ins at Atari
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