Friday, June 4, 2010

Trapeze and TD Bank


I've been invited to do a lot of really neat things lately. I think this one makes the top three though- if not the COOLEST. TRAPEZE! This is one of those things that I probably would have never considered doing-just because I wouldn't have thought of it. Turns out there is a Trapeze school right across town from where we live! That's NYC for you.

I didn't think I would be scared until I started climbing the ladder, and then when I actually go to the platform above- I was really nervous. I don't do well with heights. When I finally jumped though, it was really exhilarating and I loved it. I can't wait to go back and maybe take a lesson or two.

TD Bank invited us to learn the trapeze as a part of their
TD Bank's "Checking Worth Flipping For" Campaign


Open a checking account and get a Flip UltraTM camcorder, plus a whole lot more:
A Visa® Debit Card – Get it on the spot
Use any ATM – No withdrawal fee from us
Online Banking – with FREE Bill Pay

How can you get your Flip Ultra?
Use your Visa Debit Card for 8 purchases; and
Make 2 payments with Online Bill Pay within 45 days of account opening
Find out more about qualifying transactions and payments

I'm actually looking to switch banks anyway, so this was really helpful to me (moving bank accounts across country is NO fun). There is even a phone number on the back of the debit card that sends you to a PERSON every time.

If you're interested in seeing how the trapeze actually went, here is a video:

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